Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Thirteen Testing Testing...

Thirteen Box Office Flops I love...

1) Hudson Hawk
2)The Cotton Club
3)The Last Action Hero
4)Big Trouble In Little China
5)Bonfire of the Vanities
6)One From The Heart
7)Heaven's Gate
8)Tank Girl
9)Point Break
10)The Abyss
11)The Razor's Edge
12)Quick Change
13)Swept Away

I am a list freak. I make lists everywhere and all the time. I like other peoples lists. I like when magazines publish issues with The top 100 comedies of all time lists, or the top 50 bands of the century lists, or The best 25 novels ever published I've been toying with the Thursday Thirteen I have seen at a couple of blogs.

Um, the above list is one dear to my heart and I have a series of notes about these movies i've been compiling for years wondering if I should try to get it published...?

Find out about Thursday Thirteen here.

If you comment on this post I will add your link right here all cute like. I am doing that because I notice others have fancy widgets that do this after you comment on thursday Thirteen only I don't know how to get a fancy widget but I will do it all low-tech.
1)Goddess In The City
3)Adventures In Juggling
6)Somethings Missing
7)Mister anchovy
9)From A Lofty Perch
10)Yellow Rose
11)Something's Missing


Minerva Jane said...

Yay! Glad to see you've joined the 13ers. And weirdly enough I haven't seen a single one of those movies....

Candy Minx said...

Well, they didn't do well and are often the laughing stock of my film critics. But I saw each every one of them in the theatres when they came out or at repetoir cinemas and I really fell for them. Minerva, have i done this correctly? what else do i add to the post? I notice you always link a commnt response is that standard?

Minerva Jane said...

hey candy first go to

there's a subpage there where you can get the code.

Each thursday, once you've posted your list, comment on that day's log to let everybody know you're up. (I usually just scroll down, browsing and commenting as I go. And I think others do the same.) I actually found red from red's page and her husband nowt this way.

Each week they feature one newbie and one old-timer. They choose these two from the earliest posters.

You can get the auto-link from mr linkies at

Ghost said...

Hey Candy. Maybe I'm weird but I liked Big Trouble in Little China and Thy Abyss. Thanks for visiting my list. Cheers and Welcome.

Candy Minx said...

Hi Ghost, you are not weird, I think all of these movies have many things to offer. I have watched the Abyss about 50 times over the years and it always delivers.

thanks for stopping by

and thanks for linkie site Minerva!

cdorsey said...

Great list. I haven't seen any of those. I"ll have to check a few out. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to TT


Laura said...

i'm glad to see that i wasn't the only one who liked hudson hawk.
thanks for visiting my tt this week.

Tracy said...

Welcome to the world of Thursday 13!! A great list, and some great movies on there too! :)

Thank you for visiting my 13!


Something's Missing said...

I love Point Break, and here is my connection to the movie (it's a stretch).

The gang featured in the movie is based on the Stop Watch Gang. They were going to get into drug smuggling in the 70's and had two guys try it. They got busted in Canada. Before they were to be sentanced, they escaped.

One guy stole the identity of a drown child and was on the run for more than 25 years. He ended up as the spouse of someone I worked with, and was recently caught. The poor woman -- married to a man who was all a lie!

He was pretty smarmy. I never liked him. He was shipped back to Canada.

Great list! See you next week!

Oh, and thanks for the tip about the cyainne!

mister anchovy said...

13 books I'd like to read again, just because:
1. The Salesman by Joseph O'Connor
2. The Shape of Content by Ben Shahn
3. The Odyssa Stories by Isaac Babel
4. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
5. Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad
6. Marcovaldo by Italo Calvino
7. The Wind-up Bird Chronicles by Haruki Murakami
8. The Master of Go by Yasunari Kawabata
9. The Success and Failure of Picasso by John Berger
10. Trout Madness by Robert Traver
11. What the Crow said by Robert Kroetsch
12. General Ludd by John Metcalf
13. Gun Before Butter by Nicolas Freeling

YellowRose said...

I loved the movie "The Abyss!!" It was so awesome!

Welcome to T13! Thanks for stopping by "the Garden!"

Gardenia said...

Love your blogs - they go deeper and deeper, round & round, till they are mezmerizing, and all the wonderful surprises and interesting leads to interesting bloggers................

Pie said...

Sometimes the flop films are the ones you end up watching at home all the time.

I love most of those films you listed. Especially Tank Girl and Big Trouble in Little China.

If you've written something you think should be published then go for it, otherwise you'll always wish you'd tried.

Candy Minx said...

Mister Anchovy, I love going back to old favourite or just thought provoking books. It's usually such a surprise or comfort. The surprise often is for me...did I not notice thifeature or that feature in this book before...? but more often it is a kind of yardstick for my own consciousness or changes. Those are a wicked list of books!

Diana, thank you for the kind words. I really thinking reading all kinds of blogs and the peoples perspectives, humour or pain etc is really a great lesson in people skills, life skills, tolerance and putting things into perspective or context. Plus, there are some damn funny and clever folks out there huh?

Somethings Missing...what an interesting connection to the "Clockwork Gang"! I met the poet susan Musgrave once, and she married one of them while he was still in prison(the first time) and he was an author of Jackrabbit Parole.

Yellowrose, yep The Abyss really holds up. It's absolutely perfect dialogue, suspense, twists and character wise. Never mind the premise!

Pie, yes the b-movies and flops do seem to be "comfort movies" or always challenging. They were often too complex a plot or odd characters for mass market. I have been toying with finding a magazine for the articles, thanks for the encouragement!

Timmer said...

The Abyss is one of my faves, no question. The others I have not watched yet.
Here is my sci fi list:
Star Wars(trio)
Blade Runner
Terminator 2
Pitch Black