Monday, March 19, 2007

Dinner at Buddy Guy's

Michael Coleman. Everytime I'm in chicago I have to go to Buddy Guy's and our friend Andrew was in town and we'd heard Buddy's was moving...yikes, so we had to make a stop.

What else do you want or need? Live music with some of the best food in the city. (I haven't got the name of this band here onme I'll add it later, sorry)

No way I can eat all the ribs. Stagg took some for lunch with the corn bread. Besides I had to save room for the chocolate cake with kahlua sauce.
These are the best collard greens I've eaten even south. I could eat gallons of them.

Lots of memorbillia around in here. In case you didn't know Buddy Guy used to play with Hendrix. Notice the five string's from a special edition in the 60's.


Karen said...

Never had collard greens but they look yummy. How do you cook 'em? And don't get me started on the cake...

Candy Minx said...

Karen, this cake is insane. See now I've made a mess of it here by the time I remembered to take a pic...but the really good part is scooping out underneath the cake...see all the sauce? Thats the khalua chocolate sauce and the cake soaks it up and yum to lift up the slice and scoop out the sauce soaked cake bits. I' cruel I know.

Collard greens basically taste like chard, or beet greens or a more textured spinach. I believe the way to cook them is in vinegar...but some places put too much vinegar in the water...this is done just right.

mister anchovy said...

Collards rock! Stagg's been saying Buddy's is moving as long as I've known it really this time?

Timmer said...

What a cool place! Sometimes I eat steamed collards mixed with spinach and sprinkled with sesame seeds and soy sauce to compliment poached salmon!