Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Red Cross Saved My Marriage

A few months ago Stagg and I had a big fight. Three hours. At three hours we just had to say, okay, we're not going to find agreement or peace with this one. We better just let it go and walk away. We even had to google during our fight for answers:what is the history of the symbols etc etc.
We were arguing over whether it should matter what the Red Cross/Red Crescent should look like when it is on a mission to help save lives. In a nutshell, I said the emblem shouldn't have religious history, and Stagg said it wasn't a religious symbol, and it shouldn't matter if it is a religious icon.

On January 14, 2007, the Geneva conventions listed the Red Chrystal as a third emblem for the health organization. Whew, peace in the homefront!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Anchovy & I once had a billowy argument in the house of croisants. It was about the movie the Fly. We ate and argued well that night.

hope you guys are well!

Stagg said...

Hi Tuffy P, we are great! We had a friend in from out of town and got all tired out running around...and jsut doing a lot at home. Did you chekc out the photos I put at Stagg's place tonight?

It's weird what you can get worked up about huh? I laughed about fighting over the Fly...although, see, thats just how controversial Cronenberg is...and Healing Room said she has friends who had a blow out fight about Lynch's Mulholland Drive.

We have had some great laughs about our discussion/argument about the Red Cross/Red Crescent we were hell bent on convincing each other of our perspectives...and then just got worn out. In January we were like yeah! The red cross saved us!!!

Anonymous said...

oops...that was me, I forgot to log out of Stagg's blog posting photos there...

Karen said...

So....if I'm in a war zone anywhere in the world and I see some sort of red symbol on a white background, I should head there? I knew about the crescent and the cross but now there's a crystal? Why????

Candy Minx said...

Karen, there is a crystal so that Stagg and I can be happy :)

Red said...

I would say that of course they are religious icons -- certainly I have always thoguht of them that way (well, not always, but since finding out that there is a Red Crescent in addition to a Red Cross).

But that's nice subject for a three-hour fight! Very clever and you even had to google stuff! We argue about cooking and cleaning behind the toilet and mundane stuff like that. Bah.

Candy Minx said...

Ha ha Red, that is funny. Well, we haven't really had an argument like that since that was exhausting and also we learned a lot about how we look at arguing I must say. We really realized how long we were at it, and said, my god. We better just let this oen go.

Yes, both the crescent and the cross are from religious icons. The idea of first aid and charity was associated with religion, right? I think it's incredibly valid and important that the new image, the crystal is more secular. Can you imagine being wounded ina religious war and the enemies religious icon comes to fix the wounded? True, I would take the help for medical attention...but this bodes a new acknowledgement that perhaps religion should be set aside for battles? Or since we are actually fighting over resources...well lets face it...instead of sharing resources with each other al around the world: we are fighting over them. Too bad we're such stupid animals and we don't just leap to resource sharing and let go of the fight?

Anonymous said...

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