Thursday, September 13, 2007

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.........6

Dinner time at Mister Anchovy's

Hi guys! Thanks for all your you can more or less tell...some of my photos are out of sync wuith my locations...I'm not actually at Mister Anchovy's right now...but I saved these pics in my drafts and aren't these cats a riot?! This is what kind of a commotion...well they seem pretty civilized actually don't they?

I hope Red and Asterisk and Four Dinners got to see all the pics of the cats because I know they would enjoy cat photos.

I am in a fabulous bookstore called Malaprops in Asheville North Carolina typin gthis post right now.

Unfortunately...their public access computers won't allow me to download photos or cut and paste photos so I'll post pics from this trip late Saturday...

I have been getting together with friends from various online bookclubs. Met a e-mail buddy from the McCarthy forum and his wife and new baby last night.

I love being in the south, passed through the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains...what magic land this area is and the source of so much of American Gothic writing...I love it...I could imagine Lester Ballard and Suttree in the area....and Fannery OConnor's power...

Asheville so far is an incredible little town pop 72,000


Red said...

Where's the sixth cat?!

Are you travelling through the South on your way to Nawlins? I can't wait to see pictures! Have a great time and please, please: forget the diet! I did in Sicily -- best move ever!

Candy Minx said...

Hi I had another photo loaded but it screwed had six cats in it but I jimmied the had to delete it.

I am south for a documentary I am making. The N.O. trip is in a month. Asheville and surrounding area is really lovely. I would highly recommend a trip here...I just checked out a few galleries...funny, the art work seen so far could be made by anyone does there become a kind of standard style of art that is homogenous I wonder...but I have seena couple of lovely watercolour art works...

Underground Baker said...

ooo, are you on a bus? I would love to do a bus road trip.
Remember that man playing with my hair and how you yelled at him?
He probably went through the rest of his life frightened of young girls.
Can't wait to see the pics.
What are you reading?

mister anchovy said...

Hey candy....I notice the videos are not searchable on you tube (in other words, if you search for gnostic minx or mister anchovy you get no results....I wonder if it takes time for their search engine to pick them up?

Have fun in North Carolina!


Oi!! What yer doin' taking pics in my kitchen????

Gardenia said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time - take care - looking forward to seeing you.