Sunday, September 09, 2007

Kensington Market, Toronto.Home to Mister Anchovy on YouTube... and tomorrow I am dedicating to figuring out how to load videos onto YouTube. I took a bunch of footage of Mister Anchovy,/li> busking with his acordion last Saturday in Kewnsington Market. Here are some still photos of the area...of course I completely forgot to take any stills of Mister Anchovy playing...but check out this wonderful area of about ten blocks...with second hand shopping, vintage clothes, cheap deals on army surplus, bulk food, organics, coffee shops and some fine restaurants and outdoor patios...while I am over at YouTube trying not to pull out my hair...

Kensington Market on Saturday morning is waking up...surprisingly andthank goodness...this renegade anarchist market has hardly changed in over twenty years. The major change wasab out twenty years ago when laws prevented live animals in cages from being will still find a mix of artists, students, yuppies, musicians, druggies, ravers, punks, sots, downandoutters, families, babies, dogs, the damned, carny barkers, jugglers, the curious, tourists, international spies, soccor fans and other freaks.

If Kensington Market wasn't enough action...the streets bordering the market are Toronto's Chinatown where more great prices on groceries and stuff can be found and more amazing restaurants. You could spend the whole day in these neighbouring areas all within a ten block span.

Maybe if you click on these photos you can see how many people shop here ona Saturday. There is a street car service and always lots to look at and people watch...the Chinatown used to also be a haberdashery area...and the streets next to these have all kinds of fashion companies and sweatshops. Sometimes late at tnight you can drive around and find bags of remanants which make awesome painting rags for a studio.


L.M. said...

I used to live on Augusta years ago. I loved it.

Gardenia said...

Loved the photos - felt like I had a mini vacation going through them.