Wednesday, August 06, 2008


We've been ina bus depot or on a bus for 20 hours...delays, lost buses, crack head yoga practitioners.

Usually riding the dog is uneventful. Since last week I guess there is extra security but suddenly we had all kinds of badluck, bus breakdowns. We got to Cleveland and Stagg said. Enough.

Let's go get a hotel room and go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yipppee! We had wanted to visit here anyways. The museum is open till 9 tonight, we have a rock star hotel room, huge! And we are a walk away from the Hard Rock in cleveland. Sweet he heh...Stagg is sleeping right now and I'm heading to find food and cold meds (or is it the a.c. bugging Stagg's nose?)...later!


Lonely Paul said...


tweetey30 said...

Sounds like one fun journey my friend. Tell him to get plenty of rest and it could be the AC getting to him. I notice lately if I stay in the house to long I get that way too. then I go outside and I am fine.

mister anchovy said...

You may remember when Tuffy P and I went to Cleveland to visit their top rate art museum (this was before the rock and roll thing...but the Free stamp was already there)...and Tuffy forgot her wallet at my studio. Somehow she had all her ID but had kept that separate from the wallet (and her cash). I recall asking people where the artists were in this town and they said, "they leave...they aren't here".

Gardenia said...

Cleveland is somewhere on my list of places I never want to get stuck in, but leave it to the Minx and Stagg - you will find something great to do & to go to

This leg of trip sounds really, really rough! I'm glad you guys are paused for a rest from the road - a crack head yoga practitioner? Hope you got some film of that! That I gotta see.

Wedding over - now to move on - sorta - their house is not done yet - -

I pray Stagg does not have a cold - maybe it is just a reaction to city pollutants??? Which can be as bad.

I'll catch up with the rest of your posts I missed during wedding prep - - later..

Bridget Jones said...

LOL Stay off of Canadian Greyhound buses!!!!!

* (asterisk) said...

You guys look like you're having a blast (air-con notwithstanding). Good to catch up soon. x