Saturday, August 02, 2008

More McCarthy Bookclub Forum Meetings!

Dudley and Kenneth checking out the stacks in legendary St. Marks Bookstore. When we entered the store Dudley introduced us to one of his co-workers who yshouted, "Oh no Cormac McCarthy nerds!"

We had a lovely visit over borsct, cabbage soup, huge dumpling breakfast and lots of coffee at Veselka. These are great guys and I feel so lucky to have discusseed McCarthy's work and many other ideas online...but what a treat to get together with them in real life.

We were all very talkative...apparently McCarthy fans who participate together online at McCarthy forum have something in common...WE ALL TALK A LOT!!!!

Ken and Dudley have added many happy hours of contemplation and discussion, thought provoking ideas to my life! We are going to meet up again on Monday.

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