Monday, August 11, 2008

Dinner In Connecticut

During our New York stint of our trip we made a one night detour to Connecticut o visit old friends of mine. Andrew and Jennifer used to live in Manhattan but bought a house about an hour outside he city. andrew and I met in Victoria B.C. when we were both students. I had moved to Toronto and he moved to New York and had more or less stayed in contact over the years. Andrew introduced me to New York in the e80's a creture quite differen than the city has become now-a-days. We used to go out night clubbing. i was terrified of NYC my first visit. It wasn't unusual to see a car on fire smoldering through the night in the lower east side. We went to tons of amazing (infamous?)nightclubs bak in the day...Danceteria, Mudd Clubb, CBGB's, Pyramid Club, Mars Bar, Area, Limelight, Lucky Strike...Above is Jackie the wonder dog...

Jackie sitting very silly. When we arrived he escaped nd Andrew half a dozen neighbours and I chased him around the neighbourhood for 45 minutes. In the heat wave. Finally tricked him with a can of cat food. Jack Russle's are intelligent funny dogs with massive willpower. He was stubborn but we finally caught him...he was worn out for a couple was I.

Jennifer and Stagg..we were real troopers because it had to be a 105 with humidity, but we sat outside on their deck for the whole afternoon and evening. I hadn't seen Jennifer for over ten years since they had moved and we lost track of each other. I tracked Jennifer and Andrew down when I started his blog because I posted an entry with his name hoping he might google his own name and find my blog. It worked and we have met up with Andrew on several occassions when he has been traveling for work. Click here for previous visit at the Green Mill in Chicago.

We made lamb shanks for dinner. Okay...I wonder why I didn't put a bright light on when I took this picture. sheesh. anyways, they were lovely. We dredged the shanks in fresh oregano and flour, then seared them on the stove before filling a huge Le Creset iron pot with onions, garlic and a bottle of red wine. How can you go wrong? They were delicious!

Stagg almost has me fooled as a dog lover! I think this is the first time he's ever had a dog on his lap!

Andrew and Jennifer

Me and Jack

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Gardenia said...

I like the photos of ya'll and Jack. Makes me lonesome for my Mom's "Zoey."