Saturday, August 02, 2008

Felt, Fashion and Fun

Stagg and I in Bryant Park after an incredible meeting/interview with one of my anthropology heroes (yes I have several, Marvin Harris being another) Grant McCracken. Grant took this picture and he is an avid blogger and was kind enough to meet us for a filmed interview the other day. He is a fascinating thinker and personality and I was completely thrilled. (here is an amazon link). Bryant Park was special for me because major fashion shows occur here every year. (Project Runway always has their finale here)

I took this picture for Danny Mansmith. Bear with me, I believe the gallery was called Max Lang in Chelsea. I will link both the gallery, the artist and Danny when I get a chance okay? I'm in a Fed Ex office renting computer a.c. can hardly think...We have seen some great gallery shows.

Yesterday we hit upon a FLASH BACK! A group show called Totally Rad: New York in the 80's. This was bizarre becvause Stagg and I were able to share an 80's art moment together like time travel with some of the artists that really influenced us when we were young, Keith Harring (Stagg and I both met Harring in the 80's) Kenny Sharf, a small David Salle...among others.

Being music freaks, combined with a family member who works as a bartender in Toronto outlet...we often make sure to visit Hard Rock Cafe. Here is Stagg in front of Bo Didley guitar and display. I got Stagg an "all access pass" for Hard Rock...and you know what? It works, we've collected points and redeemed them plus we got ahead of a huge line up for the bar and to eat! We love the Hard Rock! (we went to D.C. location as well...we had to buy pins for our family who work at Hard's a geek thing)

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Janet said...

Great bartenders at the one in Times Square!!!