Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some More Fun With Reel Geezers

Hiarious review of Sex and The City....lots of spoilers so if you want to see it, don't watch this review...(here is my review...different strokes for different folks)

Trailer for HBO movie, Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, I have always loved Roman Polanski movies. From his vampire movies to his re-makes of Hitchcock. We watched Chinatown and even though seeing it dozens of times, it holds up and grabs you again and again. Polanski and his life is every bit as compelling as his movies. I read his autobiography ages ago, and it was amazing. He is perhaps one of the most inspiring people for an artist. I recommend this documentary...not only does it feel like a mystery story, it highlights a strange time in american history...the Manson murders. Yesterday on Regis and Kelly Regis spoke about how everything in L.A. changed after those murders. People and security went off the chain, gates, bodyguards, locks alarms...nothing was the same after the tragedy. (Regis told the story because he locked himself out of his house in L.A. and had to sit on the curb for the cops to arrive and a tour bus passed at the moment he sat on the curb, funny stuff)

Interview with the Polanski documentary director, Marina Zenovich.

The Reel Geezers review of the fascinating Roman Polanski:Wanted and Desired.

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