Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hanging Out

Lots of Po-po parked on entrances on Beale Street in Memphis.

Stagg has lots of pictures on his blog too.

Beale Street

Neely's ribs with the best cole slaw ever.

The hotel lobby with "our" tree.

I was geeked about the trolleys. Um, it was so rainy I had to wear my platform shoes but cold so I nerded out with socks too. And didn't care how lame it looked perfect for the weather and keeping my hems dry. :)


S.M. Elliott said...

Other than the frighteningly huge ribs, these are great pics. I would fall in love with those trolleys, too.

Doc said...

Sweet - I LOVE Memphis, but havent been there in a few years. The Ribs are GREAT!

DILLIGAF said...

They have BODDYS in Memphis!!!!!!

I am speachless!!!!!

Happy New Year babe xxxx

mikedelic said...

these are awesome