Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays From Graceland!

Hi, I'm typing here from the lobby of our hotel near Graceland. It's a strange computer so bear with me if I have trouble writing etc. We went to Graceland yesterday and it was a blast. We rode the dog down here a couple of days ago and it was a real fast drive. The best bus driver I've ever seen. We have been walkign around and just generally chilling for the last few days. The food here is wonderful. Both Stagg and I love southern bbq! Graceland was decorated with Elvis's actual xmas decorations which was a nice change to see as Stagg and I have botrh been to Graceland before but in warmer weather. We've had crazy rain for the last few days but it's a lot warmer than Chicago.

One day while Stagg was sleeping I got it into my head I had to go to Whole Foods. sure, I could have picked up soem groceries nearby...but oh no...I had to get my organic off I went on a public transit oddysey in Memphis. Right down from our hotel is the main bus stationa nd it was a very interesting experience. Memphis and the south is so friendly. Everyone said hi to me and every guy tried to hit on me.I was like, "flash the wedding ring". I talked to a fellow who was on his way to the dog track. I listened in while his buddy with a cool brim discussed odds on dogs. Total David Mamet moment.

The bloody store was miles away and I landed up way out in the burbs. Got some groceries for our hotel room and made my way back after talkign to lots of folks on the bus. Again, everyone made amazing eye contact and was smiling and talking. It reminded me of Vancouver. The hotel gave us major upgrades. We have a hotel room with crazy comfortable beds...I've had the most amazing sleeps ont hese beds. Plus, as a holiday gift to regular customers (yes, we have a membership with this hotel chain) they gave us a rock star suite. We've got a whole living room and kitchen! So we eat a couple meals in our room and watch tv or music. And then we've gone down to Beale Street for a bite out. We had some great ribs here in the hotel last night because it was just pissing out.

At Graceland both Stagg and I just loved the raquetball room. It's been changed into a huge display of "late Elvis" know the Operatic Elvis...with some movie footage of a documantary and his pantsuits. It is awe-inspiring. We landed up buying the documentary movie. It's made during the last couple of years of Elvis's life and I had no idea it even existed. We looked at a lot of stuff int he stores outside Graceland...but the thing is we had to ask ourselves "Do we liek Elvis that much?" Neigher of us is really a souper Elvis fan...we share da drive with soem super Elvis fans though. They had been to Graceland lots of time and at one point they asked our tour guide" Is Lisa Marie here yet?" And the tour guide was "No, she's arriving sometime this afternoon" "oh, she always comes home for Christmas" It was said with such reverance. Isn't it amazing that Lisa marie and her family (she just had twins) spend the holidays in Graceland? They take down the chains and eat in the dinign room! Unreal!

I can't figure out how to hook up my camera here so no pics till we get home. I forgot to take my camera to Graceland. Can you believe it? i almsot started to cry but we bought the dvd tour movie.

We're going to check out a couple of bbqw places we've never had before. We love neely's...but neeleys is so big now we thought we'd try a couple of the smaller joints in town. We'll be at Beale Street tonight. We're goingto see a guy who plays a lot of dance music from the 80's and 90's . Apparently he does a great version of soem Prince songs. So we'll be dancing tonight down on Beale Street and thinking of all our friends and family.

Much love...I better get off this 'puter! More later and hope you are having a great holiday! Lots of love!


Beej said...

Candy, great post! Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

Yes, Southerners are friendly and, yes, Southern men are flirts :)

Merry Christmas!

mister anchovy said...

Wow, a Memphis Christmas. Sounds like you're having a great time down there! Lots of love from good old TO. We had a big turkey dinner with family - here at 27th St. It's raining outside here too. When I was out with our Memphis, it seemed like it was switching over to hail. Lots of wind coming off the lake.

* (asterisk) said...

What a blast! I can't believe your solo trek for yogurt! Nor that you forget to take your camera to Graceland... Bummer :(

Sounds like great times, though, and you don't have to have a camera for those. Enjoy the rest of your stay. x

Tricia said...

Merry Christmas!! sounds like you are having fun! Say Hi to Elvis for me :)
I am at my mom's for Late Christmas with Neil...they opened the gifts from Stagg and LOVED them...I think Neil was a little teary eyed!!
see you soon

Janet said...

I envy your ability to talk to folks!

Anita said...

Sounds like fun!!!! Have a great time :)

ashramblings said...

Sounds like a marvellous trip. Looking forward too the pics.