Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mighty Misi-ziibi

We had a lovely view of the Mississippi from our hotel room. Ojibwe word misi-ziibi is the source of the French use of the river now.

Hundreds of tribes of indigenous peoples lived along or traveled the Misi-ziibi for thousands of years. These peopels were dislocated by farmers. It won't surprise any of my visitors that I believe we should undo all the dams and levvees set up along the river and allow rechanellization and foliage and animals to return to their homes. I also believe that hunter-gatherers should be allowed to return to their homes and practice their own economies.


mister anchovy said...

Geez, if you blew all the dams and dismantled the levees, I wonder what would actually happen? I suspect undoing those changes isn't so easy as doing them.

Candy Minx said...

Heh heh...well..I would imagine we'd do it a little gently, right?

One of the major things that would change if we removed the levvess would be that a natural return of the flow of sediment...which lifted the riversides of the Mississippi and allowed foliage and rich life to flourish. Those sediment flows also made for much more comfortable and safe lives for the peoples that lived by the river.

I suspect too that the sheer financial benefits of removing these levees would help the whole continet. The money spent...(well apparently not even enough money see N.O.) is something of a waste...why not let the river rechannel and settle.

Spend money on something else.


tweetey30 said...

You two have been busy traveling again from what i can see.. i havent been around much the last few days. i have been sick as a dog.... I ended up with the flu for five days. i am up and about... So I will catch you later.. Hope you have a wonderful New Years...