Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shame on Stephen Harper, Alberta and Canada

Canada is slipping down the development ladder, retreating from a complex, diverse economy towards dependence on a single primary resource, which happens to be the dirtiest commodity known to man. The price of this transition is the brutalisation of the country, and a government campaign against multilateralism as savage as any waged by George Bush.

Until now I believed that the nation that has done most to sabotage a new climate change agreement was the United States. I was wrong. The real villain is Canada. Unless we can stop it, the harm done by Canada in December 2009 will outweigh a century of good works.

In 2006 the new Canadian government announced it was abandoning its targets to cut greenhouse gases under the Kyoto protocol. No other country that had ratified the treaty has done this. Canada was meant to have cut emissions by 6% between 1990 and 2012. Instead they have already risen by 26%. Please note, 2006 is when the extremist politician Harper got into power.

The entire Guardian article.


Four Dinners said...

Never trust a politician...extremist or otherwise.

Politician = lying scumbag.

It's the natural order of things. Sadly.

Gardenia said...

Ah, Harper has sold the country's soul for $. This morning I think all the efforts of man are naught. . .we are on a progression spiraling downward. . .