Thursday, April 01, 2010

Chicago Film Co-Op Meet Up

We've been volunteering at the Chicago Film Co-Op's meet ups and here is Stagg working the bar. He is talking to Shirley King who has just begun doing a little film work herself. We had a great visit discussing with Shirley King how to find work in films in Chicago and we hope to see her perform next week.

Every meet-up there is a speaker and this months speaker was filmmaker James Choi who produced Made In China. James shared his story of how he got into film and after working in LA for years he finally made his own film. The 7 person crew basically went to China and filmed without permits and on the fly. Choi was a very interesting artist and good storyteller and I can't wait to see this movie. We saw several clips outside the trailer format and it is very funny! Below is the official trailer. Here is an interview with the writer of the film.

Amy working the door in the front lobby of the Chicago Film Co-Op.

H. Cherdon came into chicago for a quick visit and to participate at the Meet-Up because she runs a similar Film Co-Op in Austin, Texas. Here is the link. I love her job description, "Creative Superhero"! And here is another site for Austin Film Meet Up.

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