Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Two Very Different Dances

Wow. I think this couple has a really interesting chemistry...I was so-so about this casting at first...but something about her headstrong tom-boy nature and fiesty macho Maks has really been cool. Andrews was the sportscaster who was stalked by some freak in Chicago and filmed naked and alone in her hotel room then broadcast on YouTube. I really felt horrible when this story came out...it's so creepy but it's great to see this woman in the safe tough hands of hottie Maks. Last night Maks had an awesome idea...because Erin is so headstrong and doesn't trust people (understandably so) he introduced a blindfold. I thought he was going to use the blindfold for rehersal and training perposes only...but the blindfold became part of the choreography and it is really stunning. when I watched this last night I got tears in my eyes.

The above dance is my favourite tops dance routine on DWTS so far ever. Last week this couple pop star Nicole and professional dancer Derek did the most wonderful jive....no way I thought it could be topped. The routine above is so good and so fun. The judges were pissed off that they broke so many rules...but what they performed was just like watching Gene kelly or Fred Astaire...it was so exciting and joyful!


Four Dinners said...

I can pogo - although not as much as in my punk heyday. It's the knees you know....an age thing.

Can still do a mean moonstomp though from my ska days!

Not really the same league is it?...;-)

hahaha!! Word veri thingy is 'PRANCE'

S.M. Elliott said...

Yep, those are very different! I find the coordination and agility and energy in both routines just jaw-dropping.

X. Dell said...

(1) I wonder if there's a betting pool on this show, somewhere.

(2) I remember reading about the Andrews scandal. Funny. A lot of kids are growing up with no expectations of their own privacy, so it doesn't surprise me that they treat the privacy of others so carelessly.

(3) Break a leg at the new job.