Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Want It Back!

I want back all the time I've stood behind someone who was slowly and ridiculously counting out their change in a line up purchasing something.

Good god...find a change machine...stop counting every nickel while people are standing in line behind you. Or some poor clerk is waiting for you to count out exactly three dollars and sixty seven cents. I hate to betray my gender...but it's almost always a woman and almost always a woman who is older....leading to the thoughts...of maybe she's a crazy cat lady (not that I should point fingers at anyone who is a cat lady ha ha guilty as charged)

But what the fuck is with counting out all that change in public? Go to a bank or a mechanical change machine women!!!!! Sheesh roll your quarters and pennies if you really must but the rest of us life is slipping through our fingers as you covet your fucking change....OR stop being so cheap and at least use it as a tip!!! Give it to a homeless person. Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

*whistles and looks toward the ceiling*


mister anchovy said...


Janet said...

I hear ya, girlie!