Friday, April 23, 2010

Yea! Seth Aaron!

I think Project Runway is my favourite reality show/competition. And this season I loved Seth Aaron and he won! He makes really cool clothes and he only started sewing 5 years ago! Hear that Danny?


Captain Karen said...

SPOILER ALERT! Seth Aaron was my favourite this season. LOVE HIM! And his clothes. I'm so happy that he won. I was surprised at how much the judges loved Milla's collection (I thought it was boring and too retro, not overly original) and Emilio's (yuck - although that tourquoise jacket was gor-geous!). YAY for the rocker dude!

Ha ha - word verification: tubich

* (asterisk) said...

Oh, noooooooo! Captain Karen has been sending discs. And now I know the end. Boooo for spoilers.

Captain Karen said...

Silly *A. What were you thinking? You should know better than to visit Candy's blog during Project Runway!