Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back To "Normal"

Hi, I have been pretty lame at blogging this summer. The deal is we had a hell of a heatwave in Chicago (Toronto too I hear) and I am useless in humidity. All I'm good for is the beach and surfing and there ain't no surfing in Chicago. As for internet surfing, no way. Our computer desk is in the hottest room in the place and after 8 a.m. almost unusable. The humidity is broken and it feels completely different. I feel like my brain is working again. I did read quite a bit this summer, a wonderful little novel by Eric Miles Williamson called East Bay Grease which is a coming of age story set in Oakland, California. At first I didn't care for the story, an abusive mother, bikers, stealing. But all of a sudden on page 80...the book gave me quite a surprise and what followed was some of the best in storytelling. It's a great novel and I'm glad I stuck with it. I mostly read non-fiction and this summer I plowed through a couple of insane history books. Have had bookclub discussions on 3 Shakespeare plays. anyways, I feel refreshed from the break in the humidity and am kind of back to normal although that is not saying much for me. So I haven't blogged as much as I wanted to but it was a nice break and I feel like I might have a few ideas of things to write about and at least the comfortable area to work in again. I'll be blog visiting too...I miss your blogs!


Beej said...

oh Candy, I was wondering if all was okay with you! I've missed you. It seems several of my dearest net friends are on hiatus and I check every day to see if they've returned.
Its been in the 90s and 100s every day here since the end of April. But we are used to it. Plus we all have central a/c. Otherwise we would probably die!

I'm glad the humidity has eased and that you feel more like your wonderful self.

xoxo to you and Stagg

Janet said...

Missed you too :-) That book sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out.

Candy Minx said...

Beej, it's like I'm back from the dead, its actually kind of embarassing...You know, I like hot weather. it's completely a different thing when you're doing fun stuff ya know. It's not fun when I feel land locked. I'm used to getting up north to a cottage and a river at least. I shall have to bring a surf board when i go to see you in Florida one day.

Janet, I'll be around. It's a pretty good novel btw. I fought it at first, but it really landed up to be a great debut for this very interesting writer. I've beena little hooked on him:

Here's this

"A former student of the fiction writer, Donald Barthelme, Williamson has met critical success as a novelist. On his book, East Bay Grease, a journalist at the New York Times wrote, the "prose cuts loose in torrid rhythms that evoke the peril and exuberance of jazz." His style in this book has also led the work to be called "an internal combustion novel." From Wiki...which I HADN'T read before the I was taken by surprise.

I am a big fan of Jack london...and I suspect you might be too, huh? And he has a book called "Oakland, London and Me" which I am hoping to pick up soon.

Greg S. said...

Welcome home. The web missed you and so did I.