Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's All About Snooki

Oh man, you can't write this stuff...sometimes Stagg and I have tears running down our faces we are laughing so much at Jersey Shore. We get all excited on Thursdays for a new episode. Snooki is maybe the's amazing she is only 4'9". I mean, she's so tiny that in this photo they couldn't seem to find her a pair of heels that fit. One episode she spilled drinks all over someones fresh packed suitcase and so she is washing the clothes out by hand in the kitchen sink and she says "I feel like I'm a pilgrim in the 20's." Sometimes she doesn't even use words but grunts or says "meh". And we die laughing. I think I am now completely fluent in Jersey.

Enrique Inglesias and Pitbull seem like the perfect soundtrack to this tv show. Gotta beat the beats..."I like it"

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tweetey30 said...

I am not home on Thursdays and we cant watch tv anymore right now until we fix our line from our damned atenna on the top of the house. When ATT put U-verse in they cut my atenna on the house in two different spots where we cant hook our coverter box back up.. I am PO and they cant do a dang thing about it..