Monday, August 16, 2010

Hot Elvis Versus Operatic Elvis

I like Elvis all through his performances. Oh my god, he is pretty wild in this "comeback special"...the sexuality is incredible.

I've told visitors before that my grandmother loved Elvis. I remember one summer we were staying on an armed forces base for the summer where my grandfather was stationed way up north in Cold Lake, Alberta and on one hot afternoon my grandmother took my sister and I to see an Elvis movie. The military base had a rickety old theatre and the movies were scheduled for the service people who lived within the base and they were super cheap, something like 10 cents.They weren't first run movies and you just saw what someone in an office job booked for the base. It's just a very strong memory of being miles away form our parents and living in total suburban oblivion for the summer and getting all dressed cute and walking to the little movie theatre. Construction of what would become known as RCAF Station Cold Lake began in 1952 at the height of the Cold War after the site in Alberta's "Lakeland District" was chosen by the Royal Canadian Air Force for the country's premier air weapons training base. The chosen location was near the former Town of Grand Centre (now part of the City of Cold Lake), and was based on factors such as low population density, accessibility, weather, suitable terrain, and available land for air weapons training.
Personnel arrived at Cold Lake on March 31, 1954 with operations at RCAF Station Cold Lake beginning that day. The following year, the federal government signed an agreement with the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta for use of a tract of land measuring 180 km by 65 km covering an area of 11,700 square kilometres. This became known as the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range (CLAWR) and is the raison d'ĂȘtre for the location of the base.
CLAWR is the northern equivalent to the United States Air Force's Nellis Air Force Range and provides a different training environment with heavy boreal forest and numerous lakes more closely resembling European terrain. It hosts over 640 actual targets and 100 realistic target complexes, including 7 simulated aerodromes with runways, tarmac, aircraft, dispersal areas and buildings, as well as mechanized military equipment such as tanks, simulated radar and missile launching sites, mock industrial sites, and command and control centres.
(from Wiki)

This clip is excerpted from an awesome dvd...we got the dvd in Memphis in the winter holidays. The whole documentary is outstanding! He is really something on this tour. One of my very very favourite songs is In The Ghetto. I've been known to play it over and over. I love Suspicious Minds from this same era. I love how strong and emotional Elvis is during this phase of his life. His soul searching is evident in all the performances from this time period.

People often seem to prefer either hot Elvis or operatic about you?

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