Monday, August 02, 2010

Downtown & Overtown

Stagg and I had appointments around the city the other day. Just took a couple of quick pictures. When we go downtown for the day...i almost always pack a lunch. I don't know why it's a weird obsession I have. I've almost always packed some kind of snack with me when I run errands. We had sandwiches and picked up some coffee to go and ate in in this park and there was a high school band playing. This end of the park downtown was being constructed when the city ran out of money. apparently Michael jordan , Oprah and a few other celebrities raised the money to finish this end of Millenium Park.

Stagg had an appointment late in the afternoon so I am waiting for him here in this nice patio near Lakefront.

I am always fascinated by a new game. This is a game popular in the United States made with bean bags, and an odd rudimentary built slanted box...triangle really, with a hole in it. Essentially like horseshoes only urban. These two teams were all very good. Sometimes you will see people playing this bean bag game on the street corners. They are usually home made sets...someone has put together a triangle shaped goalie box and sewn up a few bean bags. Interesting stuff.

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Lee said...

How interesting about the game! I've never seen that before.