Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ready To Go

Here sits the kit for busking, pile all this stuff into a cart, with a couple paintings drying for a few minutes. The owl on the far right sold about an hour after I took this picture, and two hours after I finished it. Go Stagg! Most are for busking and were all made this summer. (yes, in our burning hot fire pit of a studio) Some of these I am sending to my sister and one to a friend who needs a painting for her office.

On other painting news, I know how urgent this kind of news is to folks, I took a few months break from my wallpaper but this summer I started working on a few more sections. Stagg is going to help me carry out the wallpaper into the back alley so I can get a look at it all at once. Most of it is just on top of the studio shelves rollled up. I also will construct a "plankcam" to video the wallpaper and put it on Youtube. Maybe Stagg will do a little music for this video too.

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1 comment:

S.M. Elliott said...

Gorgeous! I love the colours, the owls and flowers. This is art that can make a person smile on rainy days.