Friday, August 13, 2010

Cooking, What's On My iPod And Other Trivia

Oh god...the weather is doing us in around here. I am like limp lettuce in the humidity. And of course I am still making soup. I try to make it late at night or early in the morning. this week I made three really delicious soups. One butternut, just saw it up raw, then saute and it's easy peasy. I made a raost of sorts this week, basically soaked in Marsala wine, like my grandmother always made. And with this juicy sauce there is always extra and quite often I make a French Onion soup with some of the jus from cooking a roast. This week i had gotten some wonderful fresh peas so I made them into a soup...and it's really like a chowder. It is delicious. Insert angels singing on high here. and a standard cabbage soup. I think cabbage is the greatest food. Have to eat it a few times a week. Half the cabbage i made into a cole slaw (with yoghourt, mayo, herbs, vinegar, water, salt, sugar, pepper) and the other half into a soup. Stagg had picked up these amazing chicken pesto sausages so I used the pan. from the sausages afterwards to carmelize some onions and garlic then added to my browned up cabbage and chicken stock. Great soups for slimming. Just crazy to be making them in this weather but i can't help myself. In above photos are some mini-kitchen tools. I love kitchen gadgets and tools and equipment. I'm a little addicted.

I know, my iPod is's one of the originals and I love it. I've been listening to a bunch of stuff, mostly retro, including Sly & Robbie, talk Talk, Bauhaus, Pet Shop Boys, AFI, Elvis costello (Get Happy and Imperial Bedroom) Johnny Cash (American IV) Arcade Fire (Neon Bible and The Suburbs) and Anita Baker. Love my 80's.


Janet said...

Anita <3!!!

tweetey30 said...

Jeff and I have decided we each want something like this for x-mas or when taxes come back if we have enough.. i am sick of hauling the disk player around with me and no place to put it.

Greg S. said...

There are two main soups worth working up a sweat for during hot spells: gazpacho and vichyssoise, both served cold. We ate a fair bit of gazpacho this summer and it was quite refreshing on an early summer evening after the heat had broken.