Sunday, October 17, 2010


We went to a great party last night, we even got swag bags, above, with a shot glass, a whiskey glass, and some male grooming products and a tasting coupon for a whiskey bar. Last week I posted a couple pictures of a store we were looking forward to opening in our neighbourhood and we went to their opening party last night. The owners of Isle Of Man really put on a terrific party last night. The mood of their store is a throwback of clothing and hobbies often associated with a certain kind of renegade guy. “It’s like Steve McQueen, Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Lauren having a yard sale,” says co-owner Brice Cooper (former host of HGTV’s Design on a Dime) of his and Arthur Holstein’s new North Center shop. Cooper and Holstein had dancing girls in their windows, and had catered a local company to make pulled pork sandwiches which guests could put together themselves in a large tent set up behind the storefront and in front of the garage. It's been a while since I entered a party where the atmosphere was so surprising and when we walked through the space it was a treat to find a tent set up with a dj and then continue walking to the alley way garage turned into a rustic pub. A dozen classic motorcycles made up the decor, a gorgeous 70's BMW, a Triumph, and a racing car out front. A pinball machine, a bartender making just Manhattan's and three women in a portable club car/brew pub set up outside the garage doors. Lots of fun and we landed up talking to a few people on the grass about movies, tv, writing and our conversation enlightened us about the reason why airplane food tastes bad (our nasal passages and taste buds are compromised by the pressurized cabin..I did not know that!) And the Wachowski's have a studio here right down the street from us. The weather was perfect and it was just such a lovely evening. Felt good to get out and one of the guys we landed up talking to a lot is a writer working on a novel and he was very very hilarious.


Gardenia said...

What fun - sounds like a delightful evening. Now, that is what I miss about being in a city.

Stagg said...

All our friends who weren't physically there-were there spiritually!!


TVo said...

waaaaaaaaa, i want to come home :( so sad i missed out on this