Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Where Would Steve McQueen Shop?

We've been eyeing a store that's been under construction for a few months and it's finally opened. The official opening of Isle Of Man is October 16, 11am–5pm. 3856 N Lincoln Ave (773-697-8035). This is the coolest store with all things GUY! You wanna get your man an awesome t-shirt or leather jacket, this is the place. We also loved that there was a massive "stag" motif among the clothes. I'm sneaking back there to get my Stagg some tees for our upcoming anniversary.

I love these classic red and plaid coats. In Canada we call them "Kelona dinner jackets". Here they might be "Indiana dinner jackets".


mister anchovy said...

I always called those red plaid wool jackets Mackinaws. I don't know why or who taught me that though.

Candy Minx said...

I think that's the correct name for them, the company that originally made them. I guess it was a west coast nickname. Although I think our pal Scott called them Kenora dinner jackets when he was a kid if I recall.