Saturday, April 15, 2006

Birth of a blog...

Five-year Plan

As is the way in blogland, I found this baby blog...and I like their aim so much for their blog, I hope someone else will check it out. I beleive they are about to find some cool ways to live and problem solve. I think the blog format is such a great opportunity for transformative shifts in life.

They want to live on their boat. I think this idea is a step towards eco-friendly living, taking up less space on the planet, less resources and planet friendly perhaps too?

Anyways, its not an easy decision, obviously or we'd all do it right?

So they need help. Of course I love to talk and I love puzzlesolving so i have made them adopt me the poor people ha ha!

Please see if you want to join in the puzzle...?

i also realized this is a good opportunity to talk about cars!!!! here check this essay out...


Hattigrace said...

Just came by to wish you and yours a very Happy Easter! Because we have a Risen Saviour, we have a wonderous future. Have a beautiful day.

Love your visits. You got such heart. . .

d34dpuppy said...

Hay thanks 4 tha comment, have a happy easter
i read, ny hack 2 heheh i hope her book dealie dun ruin her, it has ruined 4 r 5 other blogs i read, but so far shes still cool

Candy Minx said...

Thats funny d34dpuppy about book deals ruining blogs. yeah I think the two should be exclusive from each other. A writer writes and I think it should be a topic more varied than a blog or vice versa. so a writer will have endless things to talk about and still be able to write a different aspect for a book deal. I think the problem might be that publishing the blog concept is not fresh enough. a blog is fresh. I love the people who are writers already or some trade or passion and just add to it with the blog.

the web sites I mostly have linked are people who are always working on something, a blog just adds another layer to their already active imaginations and research.

You are a cool blogger and poet keep it up!
Have a good holiday!