Saturday, April 01, 2006

The wily coyotes of Canada er, ah, New York.

The wily coyotes of New York | News

This is a good article in Salon magazine...

but then I wondered did I miss some big news this week...?

"Today, coyotes live in or near every major American city. They are reported in Atlanta, Toronto, Portland, Maine, running across a schoolyard in Philadelphia, hiding under a taxi in Chicago, and everywhere in the metro west, including Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. A landmark study from Ohio State University, to be published this spring, tracked coyote behavior in urban Chicago for six years, concluding that the Windy City's coyote population was vastly larger -- at least 2,000 and growing -- and more successful than ever expected. Urban coyotes, the study found, live longer than their country cousins, their range per pack is more compact (much like urban humans), and they hunt more often at night (also like urban humans). The study also found that the creatures likely do not pose a threat to people."

When did Toronto become a major American city? Boy the new Prime Minister worked fast.


mister anchovy said...

I bought something on ebay recently and the guy confirmed my address as Toronto, Ontario, United States of America. I told him that the Toronto I live in is in a country called Canada.

Candy Minx said...

Heh heh. I was surprised to see such a mistake in salon magazine.

I thought it was a really good article though. Um, of course they say that one of the fascinations with the urban coyotes is their acclerated evolution. That is an old fashioned Darwinian theory when evolution has been shown that it can happen quite quickly. The actual term is punctuated equilibria and what is fascinating is that the coyotes allow us to witness their rapid changes. Helping enforce the modern theory.

Flaxman said...

Thanks for the linkup Candy~~~~

Wandering Coyote said...

Hi Candy,

Thanks for the wonderful comments you've been leaving on my blog! They were so chatty and exuded a great energy and I really enjoyed reading them.

Alas, I had no salmon or broccoli that one night...I had chicken and spaghetti squash instead...

I still remember our discussion about art from Mr. A's site, but I haven't had time or the energy to take it up again.

I've just been reading your main page here. This article about the coyotes is great. We are a very adaptable species, very crafty and resourceful. This was a timely article for me to read at this point in my life, and it has special significance for me today. So thanks for posting it; I have much to think about on this day off of mine. One day I'll write a post about how I got my name; it's a little woo-woo, which is why I haven't posted about it before.

I didn't know you went to UVic. The golf course I was trapped at was Victoria Golf Club. Yes, they're still pumping the raw sewage out into the ocean and it's disgraceful. I'm trying to get to the beach as much as possible. I live near Gonzales, which is my favourite, but Willows is closer to work. I went there yesterday but it was way too cold to hang out for long.

Anyways, I'm not spending as much time on line as I used to. But I will add a link here to my blogroll so I can access you easily.