Thursday, April 06, 2006

Byzantine Pets

Slice of cake and orangutan. His halo is a little too subtle in this perhaps...

We had a pet spider monkey when I was a kid. His name was Jeep. I thought of him as a little brother. He would pee on any men that came over, and he would do things like tear apart the linen closet. He had the best sense of humour!!!I have a scar where he bit me on a finger. He was the funniest guy. I used to love all those ol Disney programs where the bears or raccoons would break inot the cabin and tear up flour and bedding. Jeep was just like that. I would laugh and laugh. Our mum would say, stop you're just encouraging him!I loved him and all his crazy adventures. I am going to do a painting of a spider monkey after making this little thing.

Stagg did the drawing aspects after hearing me rant about farming being among the stupidest choice humans ever made. I painted it into a Byzantine pet subject.

Here is abit of progress series of Randy, who is up for adoption, I think! Click here for
  • photo.

  • Byzantine Randy all finished.


    mister anchovy said...

    If Randy had a cerebral cortex (as Scott would say), he would appreciate this fabulous painting!. You have just described my own peculiar relationship to painting. I can't leave it and I can't stay in the room with it.....that's the edge I surf all the time....catch the wave just right and and you go deep (feel like gumby when he can go into any book). I spend way more time avoiding my paintings than making them. The whole process is still as mysterious to me as when I started making paintings. Old Phil Guston wrote about looking at blogs of paint on the floor, seeing them as intert blogs, yet, on a painting, they can come alive and speak in all kinds of ways - a freakin miracle. Guston said he needed that miracle over and over and over and over again.

    greatwhitebear said...

    Don't understand a damn thing either you or Mr. A just said. having said that, I like it a lot!

    Candy Minx said...

    Fortunately, brain size has nothing to do with intelligence (Stephen Jay Gould.) And there are difference kinds of intelligence and manifestations of intelligence. We know cats are highly specialized carnivores. They developed language especially for use with humans. That's not too shabby. Humans have thought highly enough of cats brains and behaviours to use them for all kinds of , often cruel, studies.

    Oh I had a grueling time with that last painting, Giordano's Memory. It was getting ludicrous with the laundry. Eight loads! Just to escape. I was really surprised a couple weeks ago when Stagg observed that I am in a completely alternate world when I'm painting. I had no idea it was obvious. Preoccupied or something. Sometimes I would describe the feelings I have as agitation, heh heh. I find that to be one of the reasons I laugh about the notion of "art therapy." If it's therapuetic, you're not doing it right, ha ha.

    Actually, for any body that finds art making therapuetic, I'm just jealous.

    Candy Minx said...

    ha ha Hi!! Great White Bear, good to see ya!!! And thank you.

    mister anchovy said...

    I can't believe I typed blogs of paint instead of blobs of paint....must need a holiday.....going to state college pennsylvania to chase some trout apr 21 then the following weekend driving with the princess of tuff to montreal to see the kiefer show, eat good poutine and generally have a good time.