Friday, April 14, 2006

Stupid Girls Revisited

I just posted this thought at Grant McCracken site.

Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kucher attained "smart creds" when they hooked up with older women. On Real Housewives of Orange County the other night, an 18 yr old says something like, "when you're with an older woman it makes you the man."

Meanwhile on this episode a 24 yr old woman is flirting with him, her fiance is jealous her attention is on the boy and at a pool party is a woman alone, single divorced and I couldn't help thinking...wouldn't her and the 34yr fiance make a dynamic couple? She would be older than him, but able to provide the things he can not find from his young fiance.

When they first burst on the scene none of these women were famous for their smarts, Drew Barrymore Jodie Foster and Madonna. they have acheived smarts by longevity in the public eye and by becoming finacial moguls which is often associated with brains. As a long time fan of Madonna nothing bugs me more than the outsider judging with a left handed compliment "well, she's smart she's good with money (if not morals or talent)" Like her only talent was to seduce and trick the audience into buying her music when all we really want is a great dance song. Insulting celebrities is also a way to insult each other.

Punk rockers have smart creds. Avril and Pink reflect their brain powers by rejecting social norms, out-thinking the masses has always been a cache of the punk rock experience. Unfortunately substance abuse often takes over their brains or what I like to call "artistic differences" Eventually too many stars like Sublime, Blindmelon, Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, Sid and Nancy get famous for their self destruction.

Being smart is dangerous.

And maybe that is why for the moment in our current times it is not worshipped?


A-List said...

Nice blog :)


Avril said "I'm the 21st Century Sid Vicous". Apart from one dumb comment she rocks.

Roll model coin toss between Sid n Homer.

Always liked Madge but don't tell anyone...I've me street cred to consider.

Ta for't visit to me blog.

Wandering Coyote said...

Still, give me a "smart rocker" any day over the vapidness of Britney, Jessica, Byonce and the like. I cannot tolerate these male-created, overly-sexualized marketing machines that give a false impression of femininity. They have no talent other than being "attractive".

Candy Minx said...

Hi again A Lo!

4Dins thanks for dropping by, I love to meet a fellow punker, oi. I like Avril, I love it she and her boy are such cute clean sut rock stars dressed in punk. I even believe they are okay. Yes, I like your role model self description as a cross between Homer and Sid. If Sid had lived at any other time, I wonder what he would have lived like...? Madge, well she is not punk rock, but I am so over being embarrassed as a fan. She makes great dance music and watches art movies, come on. And she is pretty funny too. Must remeber she is being interviewed on BBC tonight. Looks to be a jiucy one. She says something, like maybe she's a gay man living ina womans body. Good stuff.

cheers guys!

Candy Minx said...

WC, hey girlfriend, I'm with you on smart rockers thats for sure. There is more excitement to me with a Chrissie Hynde...who may have introduced the vegie burger to British McDonalds if I remember correctly, and like her or not Courtney Love is smart rocker, the girl READs for goodness sake! Studied english lit! And I think we have a lot more to see from Pink in the future. I like Linsay Lohan actually, she is a vibrant film personality. I loved the re-make of Freaky Fridays and Mean Girls is a teen opus! she has incredible eyes and at least ids a more like a Jessica Lange than Julia Roberts could ever hope to be, god bless her. The thing with singers like Spears is she can't hold up to Madonna especially in performance. Madonna is a dancer, its in her training and in her soul. At least right now Christina and Britany are acting out, so much of their dialogue is stilted and fake and to make a particular impression. I loved the Newlyweds MTV show with Jessica and Nick. Loved it. But when they split my interest was as them as a kooky couple. I find her way less interesting. And I like him way more. Weird huh?

I love Beyonce though. That girl can sing(so can Christina she has me there) I loved Destiny's Child, again great music, great dancing, and amazing voices. Is Beyonce "smart" I think she likely is very smart.