Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jane Jacobs, Social Critic Who Redefined and Championed Cities, Is Dead at 89 - New York Times

One of my heroes died today. What a loss for she was an incredible thinker and mentor. I quoted her work so many times in so many circumstances...she was an inspiration on how to live and how to think.

I used her examples of healthy city life even when I raised my daughter: she wasn't allowed to go to shopping malls or play in public parks. Instead she had to play on street corners, this the advice of Jane Jacobs who said, your neighbours and store owners are part of your extended caregivers. We used to live at 414 Jarvis in Boystown Toronto, near Maitland where transvestite hookers worked, and Jane Jacobs words were put into action. I always knew my daughter was safe because all the trannies knew her and her schedule and that I was her parent. The working girls always said hello to her and asked how school was going and monitored her trips to the corner store. I seem to recall Jacobs was against one way streets too...but Toronto is riddled with them and they offer speedways to drivers now.

I worked across the street from Jacobs in the 90's and knew her as a neighbour to say hi and chat with...she never knew what a groupie I really was, I was in such awe of her I could never fess up.

We lost a great mind today.


A-List said...

Wow I just watched an amazing biography on Jane Jacobs, she was indeed amazing...she called herself an "independant thinker", that has really inspired me :)
She was so involved wasn't she! A real lover of "the city". I'm thinking of reading a few of her books...I love people who think out of the box and away from "group thought" or another "carbon copy".

Gotcha, high protien and greens! I finished all the salad last night lol. Tuna eiw, yea omaga 3 fatty acid= brain power...meh, i can do without, fish YIUK!
Tofu is good, but I didn't know I could fry it...there's something I'll have to try, thanks for the "good luck" me i'll need it...can you believe the questions..."write the ten key points of Ralph Klien's Third Way Health Care framework, what are the important aspects, what are some evaluations of the wisdom of the 'Third Way'...can you believe I was able to B.S my way through that one! Not to mention the other essay question...something about the four relationship models of private and public systems.'s over, rejoice! 4 whole days without school...spring term starts Monday lol.

Anonymous said...

u can do nething with tofu pretty much

Candy Minx said...

Oh ALo I don't think I could do those questions, good for you.

d34dpuppy...tofu I make is delicious! Olive oil, titch cayenne, tamari and garlic, lots of them all(except cayenne careful) in a pan with tofu as thinly sliced as possible keep on till all the tamari and oil are soaked into tofu and evaporated.

I think I noticed a doc on jacobs on pbs must look for it.

Camie Vog said...

Read your comment for me over at Hattie's place...
I broke the rules...I didn't use just dead people for my list. Your right, Harrison is still alive, saw him last year (and he has another book out). Bono is also still alive, and well, Stewie is a cartoon character. Onslow is also still alive.
Thought I should clarify, since I live my life outta the box, so to speak.