Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Extinction Level Event

Okay, so I bug poor Stagg about eating too much junk food. He can find a chicken stuffed with sugar. But, he likes my "near chicken." (organic tofu, I'm not allowed to tell anyone he eats it, I make it with tamari, garlic, olive oil and hot red peppers. It's awesome). It's balance right? Working together, right? I benefit by getting his Johnny Depp cereal box for my own use in art work. When it comes to art and working side by side...we leave each other alone and enjoy blaring the stereo. We mind the real estate. Sacred ground. Tribal.

My half of studio. See. Pretty colours. Tidy. Ish.

Staggs half. I don't touch, move things, try to give orders how to organize it...he likes to work loose and with stuff all around him. Its how he builds his images. I'm not gonna mess with the guys art work. Word.

Stagg reorganized his space last week.

Speaking of balance...I go to paint today (ha ha ha right) and find this "shelf" making a tectonic shift. This is bad. It must have been happening all morning. He's not home. Should I intervene?


Wandering Coyote said...

Hmm..."Reorganized", eh?

Sounds like you have a pretty good system of compromise set up. As long as the Ingram box doesn't fall onto your space...Or your head...

Candy Minx said...

Can you believe that? I thought he was gonna glue all the cardboard into shelves, I thought they were stuck together! When it comes to working we are good at compromising, actually it's not even compromise in that arena because we just know we need our own pace and mojo.