Monday, June 12, 2006

Deadwood and Da Vinci Code

Yipee! Deadwood season has started up. I love this show, even the kids swear!

These train photos are for my friend Patrick who lives next to a streetcar roundabout in Toronto. Hi Patrick! Screeeeech.

We just got some really dope camoflage curtains at a second hand store. Had a quiet weekend, I decided since we have friend and family coming into town this week I might want to do some housework. So I haven't been online very much last couple days. Hardly watched tv either. The MTV Movie Awards...which are my favourite awards show and Lewis Black: Red White and Screwed. I did laundry. I'm very proud of myself. Actually I forgot...we went to see Da Vinci Code. Stagg thought it was cheesy but he endured it. He liked it more than he thought he was going to, let's say that. He was a good sport for my sake. I enjoyed it, was right into it. The audience was a lot of fun because they were really into it. I think three wiccas were right next to us, and they were so seriously into the movie it was great. They were as entertaining as the movie., Jumping oohing and ahhing, screen talking. They really didn't like the monkmasocist scene. Well who would? People were jumping and a little scared and seemed to care about the characters. Apparently, this movie has beat The Passion of The Christ at the box office! Incredible. The movie is really nice to look at, the actors carry it and Ian MClennan makes the movie, steals the whole thing. The director, Ron Howard, completely nailed the appeal of the novel and it's premise: That women have been wrongly left out of the church and womens equality in the spiritual aspects of modern religion have been shamefully oppressed. It's all about the goddess people! The Sacred Feminine. And the desire for reconciliation of womens spiritual equality has been reflected in the box office, despite critics and their opinions. Yet again, the court of public opinion has its victory. It's a fun ride.


thehealingroom said...

Great Photos.

I love the outfit. All those colours together look wonderful.

I haven't read the Davinci Code. Do you think I'll be able to follow the movie?

At least I won't have expectations.

Candy Minx said...

The movie is very easy to follow. I don't really recommend the book....the movie is true to book, and the "writing" is way better!