Monday, June 12, 2006

Whoohoo! Cracked 100,000!!!

Alright I just got past the hurdle of 100, rank at technorati is...98,638. I only need like, 4,000 more links to make it to top ten. Maybe I should have painted a portrait of Arianna Huffington...she's ranked #6 in technorati. Harumph. I think my buddy Billy Foxtrot got me over 100,000, thanks Billy! Billy is a hottie, if you are young and single and like a guy who reads, go to his blog! go to his blog anyways...he's good at techie advice and a real sweetheart. (he's probably gonna kill me some old lady saying he's hot)

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thehealingroom said...

Congratulations Candy!!

That is truly awesome.