Monday, June 12, 2006

Watch His Loss

Sean has a great idea for fundraising and his blog. He is changing his life by losing weight and excercising...and wants to raise 50,000 for Diabetes. He's pretty funny and it is inspiring to me. I love his idea.

I am going to work on a portrait of him and sell it so I'll get going on that in the next few days. Maybe make a few bucks to donate.


Peter N said...

Diabetes...he's a good man! I developed diabetes a year and a half ago (TYPE 1!!) but it made me so much better. I lost 30 pounds, and run 2 miles a day, just so I can take LESS insulin. With Type 1, I have to take insulin, because my body has stopped making it. All in all, please tell him thanks. And yes, I saw your comment over at our pool player friend Jess.

Sean Perkey said...

Hey thanks Peter! It's great to see that you are managing pretty well with diet and exercise. I'm finding how difficult that is but how important it is to maintain a quality of life. I guess I was fortunate to only have developed type 2 diabetes but there are so many complications that come with diabetes and the cause is so universal that finding a cure is so important.

Good health to you my friend and thank you for the kind words,