Thursday, June 22, 2006

More Urban Wildlife

Been in Canada catching up with friends for a few days.

Anita's cat got caught ina beureau drawer handle. 34 stiches.

Little Italy, Toronto Canada. This is typical scene during World Cup here in Toronto.


Red said...

Poor little kitty! He is not happy about the Elizabethan collar, is he? But how on earth did such damage occur from getting caught in a drawer handle?!?

Little Italy in Toronto looks cool.

ant said...

Looks like we missed each other on your trip to Canada.

Shucks. Really wanted to meet you too.

Oh well, perhaps another day!



Canada? No Mounties? I'm English! Yer can't have Canada without a Mountie!

parnellpr said...

hey how's the pic of sean going?

Ranting Dullard said...

Catching up with friends? More like drinking and putting satelite dishes on cats.