Monday, January 22, 2007

Todays Dinner is Tomorrows Blog

Wat you lookin aat? Tiff picked up a CSI facial reconstruction kit. The girl loves that show! Actually, what a great toy huh?
Well, an aspect for friends of bloggers is, they are always getting their photo taken. Stagg and I have an ongoing phrase "that's bloggable!" when we are out and about. Is this a new occurance, a terrible sign of contemporary life subjecting primal experience to the future? Nah. Bullshit. Some of us idiots have been acting like bloggers for our whole lives. I mentioned earlier that I've always kept sketch books and note boks. I still have a sketch book kicking around from art lessons when I was ten years old in Ottawa. By the time I got to art school after high school...the sketch books had morphed into notes and scraps of paper, concert ticket stubs, photos of friends, and endless quotes and excerpts and poems, either written by me or by someone else. And lots of drawings and maquettes. The above photo is the outside of one such book. You can see my Banff ski passes I've attached to the spine.
I usually have a lot of drawing or sketches in these books. And quotes from things that touched me at some point or made me think. On this page are some drawings I did based on a Christmas Rose, one of my favourite flowers. Let's see, what were the notes on this page..."freedom only being realizable in association with others" Bataille. "obligation happens only if one is free to not accomplish the obligation" Kant. "knowledge kills action" Nietzsche. "idealism is life-killing" Nietzsche. "But what I would really like, when the time comes to break away and jump, is to jump not backwards, not down, but forward to something higher" Andrei Torkovsky in The Glass Bead Game. "Experiment must give way to argument, and argument must have recourse to experimentation"Bachelard. (obviously the notes of a madwoman, hell bent on anarchy)
Some old pics of my paintings mixed in with a photo of Anita and I.
I don't know, it's a scrapbook. A hardcopy blog...go figure. Yes, there are clips of things I like, a young Bruce Springsteen a young John Travolta. And photos from Mister Anchovy and Tuffy P's wedding in 2001. To the right, if you squint you'll see Stagg, Tiff and Anita. Below, you might be abe to see Dolly, Tiff and me (with a customary beer in my hand apparently).
Our first dinner party, the other night. Yep, we finally invited folks over to our place, Marc and Deana were our guinea pigs. We had lots of snacks first with martinis and beer and wine. Some pate, grape leaf rolls (I can't remember their proper name), cheese crackers etc...and I roasted a chicken some butternut squash and asparagus and mushrooms. I went nuts and had also made a caulifower salad but completely forgot to serve it, and had a huge pot of ox-tail soup as a "back-up plan". All the years of cooking and prepping in professional kitchens I can't cook for less than ten people. I've been that way for years. Makes for lots of left overs though and I'm always ready for the apocalypse. ( I am handy with a knife, guns, , making fire, fishing and hunting).
Here is Deana camping it up with a fork full of chicken for me, but I have such a buzz on from two martinis( and a wicked head cold) that I missed the shot. But you get the idea.
Marc and Stagg.
Beautiful delicate Deana and a giant from another planet.
The plastic juice container there was our martini shaker. Stagg went out in the day to about five stores in our neighbourhood to get a martini shaker, but no luck, including a kitchen store and booze store. What's up with that? But the juice pitcher worked just fine. (the big pot in the background? Thats the ox-tail soup)
Now really, our first guests were David here, and Tiff, when they came to town for Madonna, but that's family so it doesn't really count as official dinner guests.
Coffee and couch shopping with Tiff. She was not too pleased with me popping her photo. In fact this is a perfect example of folks around me now saying "You're putting this on your bloody blog aren't you?! ARGH!"
Greek food with Behzad and Anita. (take note, isn't it uncanny how Deana up above and Anita are like twins? I guess I like petite blondes as friends, heh heh, that's must be my type).
Charles Bukowski and one of his babes?
The morning after, breakfast with Megan.


Wandering Coyote said...

Hey Candy, I got scrapbooking stuff for Christmas and I'm really looking forward to using it. I've already done one page (I should post a pic, I guess). Before I discovered blogging, I was searching for a medium where I could just write what I wanted and be read by someone. I was sending out a lot of mass emails about my adventures working at Chapters etc. Then I found blogging and things took off. It's been so great. And now people have a choice about whether or not they want to read me. Sometimes I felt guilty about these emails I sent out...Ah, well.

mister anchovy said...

ya gotta admit that the lumberjack jacket with with Cat Diesel hat is quite the fashion ensemble....the other day I was doing some shopping for Tuffy P's upcoming birthday dressed like was a fashion experience, baby.

Anonymous said...

I remember your spaghetti pie from a few years back. that was great!

Amy Ruttan said...

Whadda ya mean Giant from another planet!

You're just as bad as me when I saw my picture on Christine's Blog. I thought AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

You have nothing to worry about, and looks like your dinner party went off without a hitch.

Sorry I've been MIA for awhile. Work.

Red said...

Did you used to be a redhead? Or maybe your hair looks reddish in comparison to the platinum blond hair of your friend Anita. Glad to hear that that is Bruce Springsteen... I thought for a while that it might be that dork Stephen Dorff. Hey, I guess the Boss would be quite flattered by that comparison!

Your party looks like fun! You can come here and cook for ten for us... we'll polish the plates, guaranteed! We're such hogs, it's not even funny!

Underground Baker said...

Hee hee, red, you are too funny.

Good to see all the photos Candy, and scrapbook snaps.

I want to come to a big dinner party!

drunk punk said...

like the quotes. mind you they're all from intellectuals. best quote ever from a slob (Dave Lister : Red Dwarf) "you live you die, the bit in between is called life. Enjoy". Now that's a quote.

Bukowski was a genius n all.

* (asterisk) said...

We find we take so many more photographs now that we're bloghogs. And EVERYTHING is bloggable in my books!