Saturday, March 31, 2007

Some Minx Blog Statistics

1) Check out my 25 paintings for sale on eBay. 25 Paintings! Click on the purple text. Really cheap prices.

2) No, not my measurements.

3) The number of my technorati rank is # 2, 259. Not bad. I've been trying to beat Guy Kawasaki to technorati top ten. His rank is #27. Oh dear....but I won't give up...LINK ME!

4) 100,000 BUCKS! The fundraiser we donated two paintings to raised this much cash in a couple of hours. They sent us a letter last week announcing the fundraiser success and I was so pleased and surprised!

5) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday I have the most visitors to this blog.

6) 17,271 visitors to this blog so far.

7) I've had 47 visitors come to my blog with the search word "gnostic clothing". I must investigate maybe a designer?

8) This is post number 507.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Candy! Impressive stats. :) And just to let you know, I mentioned your blog in my recent post about the top five "new" blogs I'm enjoying which I found through Thursday Thirteen! :)

I hope you're having a great weekend.

* (asterisk) said...

Cool stats, Candy. And I see that one of your artworks already has a buyer. Yay!

Unknown said...

Great stats hon! We love you. :)

Darla said...

And I see that one of your artworks already has a buyer.

That would be me. I thought it matched my couch. *ducking*

Wylie Kinson said...

Nice stats! 504 posts?? I feel like such a newbie :)

And did you really call one of your paintings "Pace of Asses"?? LOL Wait 'til I tell Amy!!

Gardenia said...

Good going! I think you would probably be a great designer - especially! Seriously!

I have my eye on one of the paintings......they look good there on EBAY - my fav of all of them is the Kawasaki Krump....but that's not the one I'm looking at...

Candy Minx said...


Thamma Lyn thanks, I was by your blog yesterday and saw that shout out, thank you!

*, yeah, thought I'd try stats wothout so many round numbers heh. Now look you just told me abouteBay!

Aw, I love you too Christine! little monkey you! I am so pleased that it's someone I know...I really don't expect my blog pals to actually buy something, and I think you've picked a really nice one too. I am so excited to mail it to you!!!

Wylie, oh yeah, I'm slowly woring on the list of title suggestions. I couldn't get Pace of Asses out of my head I had laughed so much.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should post an image of your leopard print stillettos just so that people know what Gnostic clothing actually is. (though I fear that they may actually be looking for shrouds and wizardy looking stuff)

Red said...

Bright pink leopard print stilettos! Sexy snow boots! Lace-trimmed shrouds?! I think there is a little range of clothing and footwear right there, Candy!

Candy Minx said...


I had a terrible tragedy.

It was the Madonna concert in Toronto in spring two years ago. We were walking under the overpasses south of the York Hoptel.

soemthing happened that I've seen in movies but had never happened to me before...

My heel broke.

On my leopard stillettoes.

Somehow we McGyvered the heel so I could walk but I was more like a wounded gazelle.

I got the heel repaired, but never felt good about walking in them...they are now in the Minx musuem of shoes.

Jessica Doyle said...

Congrats on your stats.


Anonymous said...

Damn!!!!! Madonna should buy you a new pair!!!