Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hugs and Love To Four Dinners. Okay A Prayer Too

Four Dinners at Digigaf is one of the first bloggers I got familiar with (out of the gutter 4Dins!) and linked to my blog when I first started blogging. He is super funny and loves punk rock. I might post a rather serious or rambling post here and he drops by and makes me laugh...with his offbeat comments and humour. He's good people. A mensch. He just had a small heart attack and is in the hospital so I want to do a shout out. The Cappucino Kid has been text messaging him and he is doing okay. Four Dinners has an awesome online radio program...maybe check it out... and give him a howdy.
This is Four Dinners with his daughter and her fellow athlete friends goofing around between competitions. He posts about being a daddy, punk rock, working at an airport in the U.K., his beautiful wife, his many (no I mean MANY) cats...all kinds of things. And he is funny as hell. Get well soon my friend...all your blog friends are thinking about you and rooting for you! And dagnammit...we know you are driving the nurses crazy.

UPDATE...just got this text from Four Dinners now god love him, from his hospital bed:

howdo from me hospital bed. being transferred to harefield heart hospital on wednesday. looks grim primarily as there isnt a bar!!!
the old ticker seems to be reluctant to tock

attempts to obtain a refund due to being supplied faulty equipment have so far failed

remember. "you live you die, the bit in between is called life. ENJOY!!" - Red Dwarf

i currently have a perpetual look of surprise as my intention had been immortality.

ah well. to quote my favourite Red Dwarf books again -
"Smoke me a kipper guys, I'll be back for breakfast"...........

xxx (for the ladies)


Gardenia said...

Good grief! I think we've all become so fond of 4D - this breaks my heart. He deserves more. The guy is so gung ho about life and helping people - well, for what its worth another blogger & I will be praying for his quick healing.

4D - if you read this, REST!

Going to email you, Candy.

tweetey30 said...

Wow. I have seen him around but never stopped by his blog before. This is tragic. I dont know you 4 D but get well and come home to your family soon.

Anonymous said...

Since only the good die young, I have a good feeling about the future health of Four Dinners.

* (asterisk) said...

He is good people, Candy. I'm sure he'll be up and at 'em before you know. For sure, the Big Man Up There don't need 4D busting his chops over His duties as an employer!

Candy Minx said...

4Dins is in good hands had a couple e-mails over the weekend...he was usuing a lap top...but has had his computer privledges revoked because he was caught woring on his union job!!! And that gives him too much stress...his doctors said he can only use computer when his wife and daughter are with him from now on!

He is very sick, but he is in good hands and being well taken care of...and he is a fighter by all accounts.