Friday, August 10, 2007

Tears of the Black Tiger ฟ้าทะลายโจ 老虎頭上結情疤 黑虎的眼淚 - 泰國最惡搞電影

Tears of the Black Tiger or The Heavens Strike A Thief won best new director at The Vancouver Film Festival in 2000 for Wisit Sasanatieng.

Wisit says he will endeavour to go back even further with his next movie, Nam Prix, capturing the tradition of Thai temple painting and bring it to life. "It will be an antique Thai legend, with very traditional Thai pictures like the old wall painting. But we will animate them," he is quoted as saying on "We will make them move. It is not an epic, but a folklore in order to tell our roots, our culture."

Tears of The Black Tiger has been said to blend styles and stories of Sergio Leone, Sam Peckenpah, Douglas Sirk, John Woo and Quinten Tarrantino. YUMMY.

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