Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Painting, Actually

This is something I don't usually do...make a specific painting for a specific person. I made this small painting this past summer for a friends new baby. (photo below)I had a lot of fun making this...especially adding the pom poms at the end. I bought them right away and knew I wanted pom poms...but then as I was making the painting...I thought, maybe the pom poms are a dumb idea. But then now...I am glad I kept the original idea.

This painting I made last month for a friend's 16 year old son. (photo below) I feel really good about this's kind of all over the place and stays true to me but I had a teen in mind when I made it. I kind of hope he likes it and takes to his dorm room when he goes off for college.

Stagg and I have been slowly working on a children's book. The book concept looks nothing like these paintings, it features a dog...and some of the artwork is styled like realism. I am a terrible slow poke...Stagg already has made several basic drawing ideas but me...I am so slow. I hope now that I made this post...I kick myself in the butt and get it going on.


mister anchovy said...

A children's book is a delightful idea. I've had a novel on my brain for some time, or at least an unwieldy and undeveloped set of ideas, some characters and a few specific plot-events. I don't know if I'll ever get to it. It's on my imaginary list of things I might like to accomplish, like hosting a radio show.

Right now my focus is on getting studios set up for both me and Tuffy P. I hope to have mine more or less set up in the next week or two. Tuffy's requires a bit more work. We're going to put some painting storage in there, and we have to paint the floor and figure out how to heat it. Her studio is in a converted garage. We've ordered a new window which should be ready in a week or so. The current window doesn't open and so you can't get any fresh air in there without leaving the door open.

Amy Ruttan said...

Very cool idea about a book!

I've been a little awol, too many things going on at once.

tweetey30 said...

I love it. the girls would go cookoo over one of those too.. LOL.. Its beautiful. You know seeing your stuff gives us a wide look into your life as well as mine. Being mom and working mom is hard sometimes lately but we are dealing with it.. That is why I find time to crochet. I need some me time and that is it with spending time with the girls even. I can take my crocheting outside with me and just sit there and watch them play but I am doing something I want to do.