Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Blog Pal's Music

Liners describe this group as "paving new roads in jazz"... in some cases, they used old roads (Bach, Beethoven, even Debussy) to bridge to the new. As per usual, it's the...original compositions that grab my ears and force them to assume the position of attention; most notably (& my favorite cut on the CD) pianist Swanson's "9/13", which swings very solidly; Long's reeds on this tune bounce you right on down the highway, & make for a very pleasant journey. Their rendition of Beethoven's "Op. 130 (Presto)" will (very pleasantly) surprise you, & you'll hear their talent shining right through... doesn't come off (at all) as "jazzers pretending to understand classical" - rather, it brings truly new interpretations to the master's vision! My second favorite track is (of course) another original (also by Craig) titled "Closed (Due to Fire)"... very smooth piano, soothing brush work and full of jazz spirit! Since this is a debut album, I truly expect to hear many more from this group... they are "ON" it, tight all the way through. I give them a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED on this outing!

Euphrates, Me Jane (click here)

And here is his blog called Built To Be Destroyed...


Gardenia said...

The International was a tremendous movie - was in the last five I viewed and three of those five have been wonderful movies - I thought anyway, so glad to hear you liked this one.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot, Candy, for the mention. Wonder what the heck Gardenia is talking about??? (;-)