Monday, March 16, 2009


We had a cocktail party on Saturday night. If I don't have a party, I won't do housework. Seriously. And to fight off the winter blues. Above is Jessica she lives across the hall and we went to her party January. It's great to have great neighbours!

Stagg, Andy, who does Art Group with me, and Darrick, Stagg's friend from high school and art school and the "hood".

Above is Darrick with his band, Dolt 45.

Darrick and wife Nancy...
Oh I know you're gonna ask...what did we snack on? I didn't cook. We had hotdog bagels, we had pretzels, chips, frozen Snickers (thanks Jessica!) ,chicken wings, pickles olives, cole slaw, cheese and crackers.

That's Joan and Silvio T. No, they didn't actually come over Saturday. Just their spirit. That's Madonna's dad. Darrick and Nancy brought over a bottle of wine from his Ciccone Winery! We are going to plan a trip to visit the winery this summer...and yes, there is a Madonna wine :)


tweetey30 said...

Looks like an awsome time. I hate letting my house get dirty.I have to clean or straighten most of the time. I have the girls help me for most of it. Then they can play. those are their chores to help me clean the house.. Certain chores certain days.. Glad you had a great time with great neighbors though..

S.M. Elliott said...

Madonna wine, hmm. Well aged but slightly tart?