Thursday, March 05, 2009

Colour and Light

We've been having weekly "meetings" here in this booth before we go to the outreach program. I've been staring at these airbrush paintings for quite a bit because I usually get there early and drink massive amounts of coffee and stare at them. I get Marilyn and Bogie and James Dean...but where does Lennon fit in? And isn't it interesting how this theme seemed to rise out of the airbrush medium?

Back to basics. Did you ever have to do a colour wheel in school? Nowadays colour wheels are mostly the realms of computer graphics. James had never ever painted this seemed like a good low pressure way to get familiar with paint. Okay okay, I like to kick it old school now and then. See that loose messy colour wheel in the bottom left? That's mine. :)

When you've never used paint before it's handy to work through this exercise. I had a lot of fun, I hope the guys weren't too bored. I tried to explain why a colour wheel is in a circle and about mixing colours to portray the absence of light etc etc.

While we were doing colour wheels a participant was actually making a painting. She gave me permission to post it here...we were duly humbled. What a fun day...again!

Genesis Art Supplies donated several sketch books and helped out with pencils and sharpeners and stuff. A shout out to Phil and Tim who helped in case they stop by this blog. When I aksed the woman who did the painting above if she could use a sketch book and how she looked when she said yes...Genesis thank made a couple of people really happy this week! Thanks Phil and Tim!!

Genesis Art Supply, 2417 N. Western, Chicago.


mister anchovy said...

I like the painting. I haven't looked at a colour wheel in years...maybe it would help. Har!

Candy Minx said...

I'mnot surprised you haven't. Neither had I. I really felt strange doing one at first. Thats the point of doing them when a student it just becomes part of one's brain or something. It's basically like taking notes at a meeting. I remember at one point starting a course and they'd say make a colour wheel...I'd been making bloody colour wheels since I was 10. It felt ridiculous to pay university tuition and do a colour wheel. The funny thing is's rarely taught anymore...unless one is writing for colour in cgi and computers.

Gardenia said...

Wow, I do believe you are going to find some real treasures in this venture - this painting the beginning!

Once in a while I go back to the basics - a color wheel - transparent colors - opaque -

I wonder why they don't do color wheels anymore? If one can command color - ahhhhhhhhhh!

pjazzypar said...

Candy, You always have such awesomely beautiful photography and artwork! Did you move to the States and give up your lovely Canada?

Underground Baker said...

Hi Candy,

Whenever I see a colour wheel I think of our freind M, (silverfox). I always see them in her studio.

Because I paint so little, before I start any kind of paint play I always warm up with colour wheels - much like throwing a few warm up kicks - to fire up those neuron paths that remember things I have forgotten in the everyday.

It is so great that Genesis is donating material.