Tuesday, April 14, 2009

QT Mentors AI

I loved Lady Ga Ga on american Idol last week. This week Quentan Tarantino was really fun as a mentor for the contestants to do themes from movies. There was a great intro like a trailer for QT and music by RZA...but I can't find it online. But here is Adam Lambert...who I think will win. Lambert is my favourite! He's so Elvis meets Bowie.

And I just found this weird funny interview:

STOKED!!! Stagg and I are hoping Inglorious Basterds might have some Sgt. Rock flavour...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Candy, Stagg:

I also hope the GB has a Sgt. Rock flavor. Remember Jeb Stuart and the haunted tank stuff? Paperwork bums me out as well, what a drag. Good to hear you guys got the papers all filled out. I'd have been stressing out big time, too, Candy because I can't stand things being left undone and uncertainty makes me worry. Long projects aren't my bag either because the 'undoneness' of them would always be eating at me. Hope it all goes your way now.

Peter (glass)