Monday, April 13, 2009

The Slut's Bedroom

Okay, I wrote and filmed this in the late 90's on an Arriflex 16mm camera. It took me a week to edit it, old school, on a Steambeck suite. Like 14 hours a day. I used to edit films with my bare it's done through non-linear methods where you can jump all over the place. In the old days you taped a film together after lining up the sound (recorded on an analog type machine called a Nagra) I've been really lucky to experience several ways of thinking about editing in my lifetime and each format has it's own unique fascination for me. I put this together in a slightly new version so I could load it on YouTube. Projecting the original film is really a lot prettier. I've transferred this film onto video in the past and more recently onto dvd format. But in the original reds are very red, the blues and pinks and yellows rich...but here...time has been a little cruel. But I like how it looks like half of it was filmed fifty years ago. It's very retro looking now. I also like how removed it is from the original as if it's a story within a story within well whatever. I hope my visitors have a couple extra minutes to watch this...and don't worry if you don't "like" it...I know it's a little weird. It's a little bit about storytelling, about the editing process, about being a girl, about memory, about tv versus film. I wanted to make a film with a woman doing all the things that are stereotypically feared/hated by men in some societies.

Can you believe...I also submitted this to the Toronto Film Festival. It totally got rejected...but the rejection letter was worth it "Dear Candy Minx, thank you for submitting The Slut's Bedroom for consideration but..." I don't know where I got the balls to do such...but I did. Getting rejected from a major film festival does wonders for building up one's confidence by building up ones thick skin.

Never be afraid to take risks! It's fun to use your imagination!


S.M. Elliott said...

I like it. It does have that groovy late '60s or early '70s low-budget sexploitation film look, but it has a Lynch-like feel. Reminds me of his short films and Inland Empire.

X. Dell said...

Do you have other films on YouTube? (I'm gonna check.)

I'd imagine that menstruation would be something that many patriarchal societies would find at least distasteful, particularly fundamentalist ones. Jughead comics I can understand, although I read them too as a teenager. Talking on the phone I've always found annoying, but thought of that as more a personal dislike than a gender trait--perhaps I'm mistaken.

But who didn't like The Wizard of Oz as a kid? C'mon!

Film festivals vary somewhat in their selection crteria. I'm guessing you submitted this short elsewhere?

X. Dell said...

I did see another of your originals on your YouTube channel. Could stand to see more, if you have them.

As a musician, I remember working with analog equipment (including SMPTE). The technical knowledge that one would have to possess to do what you have done is rather impressive.

Forgive me, for I don't mean this to sound like an insult, but rather a compliment, but I don't think so much of David Lynch when I watch this. Instead, I think more Ed Wood--not so much what he did, but what he tried to do--sort of a meta-storytelling style which features a sort of self-reflective running commentary. (BTW, you're dialogue is lightyears better than his).

Candy Minx said...

SME, I amreally into sexplotation and blaxplotation folms and Asian action. You are so sweet to watch the little film, thank you. I am actually embarassed that you say it reminds you of Lynch. I am blushing I love him. But I am more amazed that you have seen Inland Empire. High five!

X-Dell...Ed Woood. Oh you are talking sweet nothings into my ear and I love it. Honestly I am also blushing. Around the time of filming this and making it etc...was when people were sneaking handy cams into theatres and making bootleg copies (they are obviously still doing that) And Seinfeld had an episode on it...and I thought the idea of filming a film removing it even further was both hilarious and interesting. And you have nailed the interest I had with "meta-storytelling" absolutely. Thank you for taking the time to check this out. I don't have all my stuff in Chicago or I would probably upload more stuff. I am going to post a "trailer" of sorts in the enxt couple of days though.

I made this fim BEFORE I took a workshop with Guy Maddin...and I can really see where just seeing his movies has been an influence. I also had taken a video workshop with Lisa Steel and she was really into the organic levels of film making. She kind of gave me a "permission" more than any teacher I've had to just get going.

And guess what? I know @ people who were terrified of the Wizard of Oz when kids...and they still won't watch the whole thig with out panic attacks. Weird huh? I looked into it when I was writing this and it's not uncommon! Also...the idea that adults can't seem to care for Dorthy or hep her with her problems is a source of empowerment and/or fear for some children. thanks SME and X-Dell!!!

Janet said...

It did remind me a bit of Ed Wood...and the actor reminded me a bit of Johnny Depp!

Wylie Kinson said...

Interesting. And I don't mean the veiled insult kind of "interesting" but the genuine kind. Had a flashback to my own college film arts classes (but lets not go there... at least not sober).
I liked the bit with the talking puppet and loved the blood running down the wall.

Malcolm said...

Watching your film makes me wish I still had The Sundance Channel. The style of your film reminded me of the work by a photographer turned director named Morris Engel. Last week, TCM aired a tribute to him (including the three movies he directed).

Cynnie said...

this was was like watching dragnet on acid ..

I was surprised at how much I liked it , i'm not particularly artsy..and I repeated and maybe one day I'll wake up an angel and shit diamonds..again and again
I love sassy

Jason Messinger said...

I love the part where she says,
"it was like going color to black and white!"

And then the blood! Hysterical!

Totally took me back to Filmmaking Classes at the School of the Art Institute.

very cool