Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tom Yum Soup...Well My Version

A neighbour and I have been going for "power walks" to work out and run errands together. It's been a blast. We stopped for some Tom Yum Soup on the weekend...and I became obsessed with recreating the recipe.

I put cabbage very tiny chopped into this McGyvering of soup. I used a litre of chicken stock, some tomatoes, some tomato paste, lemons, minature red and orange peppers, garlic...and I landed up making about five quarts for a really small amount of money...maybe $10. Enough for several lunches for myself and Stagg thats for sure. I took some over to my neighbours too. then she also went and got ingredients and we had a taste test. Her soup was WAY more close to the real thing...almost identical. Mine ws as just a little lighter...but she had got sesame oil and chili oil, she used bok choy.

I totally didn't use all the correct ingredients. It's not like me to not follow a recipe faithfully the first time I try it...but I just didn't have chili oil. So I sauted the thai chili paste with the onions. I didn't get ginger, kaffir leaves and lemongrass. Okay okay...I's not even anywhere near Tom Yum Soup. But you'd be surprised...I really did get it close to tasting like the official recipe...and till I get to the grocery store in a few days this did the trick.

I don't know what is going on here. It's like gotten completely out of control on my counter next to stove. I have my stainless steel trendy designed water bottle (which I bought in Knoxville) and odd bottles of spices and a mixer bought on sale...crazy. Oh well, thats what it looks like today you might as well see it too.

For fun I jullienned the carrots.

I really recommend getting together with a friend or neighbour and having a fun recipe comparison. It was awesome to trade soups with J and we even made a night of it this week...watching The Real Housewives of New York (J is new to Chicago too...she moved here from NY) Trading soups also gave a great variety of flavours for the same amount of labour.

I'm going to pick up kaffir leaves, lemon grass etc later on this week. Stagg is on holiday starting tomorrow night!!! Yipppeee!!!! But right now, he is home sick from work today, poor guy.


Karen, said...

Candy here is a YouTube recipe for soup...

tweetey30 said...

Jeff is really picky so its hard to cook for him and say he will like it. I know to try but that doesnt waork here. If it sounds gross he wont touch it..LOL..

mister anchovy said...

I like making soup...I think Tuffy P is a better soup-maker than me though.

Molotov said...

Can you UPS me some of that soup? Sounds good and I can't find any Thai food in my small town.

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You're a brave woman to combat and discuss any topic with your own opinion in that environment. Most other participants feed the beast.

Candy Minx said...

Hi Karen, thanks...I really need to try making this super using a conventional recipe. I also saw bunch more videos on making this soup. YOUR video recommendation was AWESOME for the soundtrack...I had a good guffaw! Love the music what a hoot!

Tweetey, that must be a major challenge to cook for someone with very specific experiences in eating. Stagg's parents don't eat lots of kinds of food not even Mexican! I guess you better not try this soup at home ha ha. But I will tell you it has been like heaven to have this soup in the fridge. I surprised Stagg with it in his lunch on Monday (I almost always give him chicken soup...three days a week) he went crazy for it.

Mr.A...I find making soup one of my favourite activities. I think what matters most to soup is spending a bit of time on the broth. I usually use wine, chicken stock, garlic etc. Anything to add a few layers of taste and avoid that "watery stock" that is too weak or like dishwater ha ha. as long as the stock is good, I don't think one can go wrong with soup making!

Molotov, long time no see around here. Wow. That's quite a lot for me to think about...and it's not the first time I've heard such an opinion to be honest with you. I think...most people when they make a website or a's going to reflect the character of that creator. I am not so sure it is wise for um...a group supposedly dedicated to a particular artist or author or musician to have such a narrow and acerbic tone...but what do I know. I don't mind the themed discussions. For me, I just wish there were more variety of exploration of pop culture. I also find it very uncomfortable when criticisms of artists and musicians arise...I think the tone often becomes inappropriate and perhaps unprofessional. I don't think Cormac McCarthy himself would be that catty about actors or writers or film makers or music if he was on a public forum. I know a few participants who are in the entertainment the arts...who have distanced themselves for the forum because it has such vile comments about the movie business, actors, etc. I think also...the website is the sole activity and life interest for a couple of the participants. They don't have anything else going on in their life and they need the a fault. Without the dedication of a regular set of participants the web board would fall apart...but that is a double edged sword. It has also created a clique. And with some of the participants...they are not savvy in wider, global, pop culture or what is going on in many facets outside their own personal aesthetics. With the dynamic you observe what happens is also that a couple participants plainly support the status quo and are fickle. Nothing is as sad when people are fickle with their friendships, or opinions...mostly in order to avoid the wrath of a leader. Or to make themselves feel "important and accepted"...but it is human nature.

Basically, as soon as new novel comes out, or a new movie the forum will focus back on McCarthy and more rigorous critiques. I have found several other websites that are able to discuss McCarthy...and movies and music on a wider more consilient and in depth discussions of all levels of art and literature. The forum served a great purpose "back in the day" when such discussions were in a vacuum. It used to be there was only one game in town...but there are so many great bookclubs out there...we get to be more fussy! Heh heh

Molotov said...
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Candy Minx said...
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