Friday, April 03, 2009

Soup And Avatars

I got this avatar fun page sent to me by Asterisk...but I've lost the page I was going to link so you could make your own superhero. Okay...thanks Jason for finding the link here...THE HERO FACTORYI think this is so funny because look how she/me is slouching...It's like "slacker superhero".

My neighbour and I both made our own versionsof the same soup this week. Here are the two soups...isn't it amazing how each of us interpreted the Tom Yum Soup differently? My neighbour and I both made this soup...then gave each other taste tests. Hers is in the bowl on the right of picture. Mine has vegies cut up really small, cabbage, carrots red pepper, onions. Her soup has bok choy, onions, tofu, carrots potatoes. I thought adding tofu was a stroke of genius. They are both delicious. They both feel really healthy you know? Also in the picture are more handmade postcards. I'm going out this afternoon to leave some at some bookstores...and to drop some off at a film co-op. I'm mailing a bunch of them to England and New Jersey...friends there drop them off at coffee shops, bookstores. And if you click on the might be able to see a dvd. It's a dvd version of a short film ( abut 5 minutes) of mine called The Slut's Bedroom. You might be able to see the still shots? It was filmed on 16mm a few years ago. Then it's been transferred to VHS and DVD. I am thinking of uploading it to you think that is a fun idea?


Jason Messinger said...

Here's the creatt your own superhero link!

Candy Minx said...

Oh thanks Jason! I'll go put that in my post....When are we gonna get together? Stagg's officially on holiday you for a drink in next few days?

Malcolm said...

Sgt. Armed Shooter definitely needs to work on her posture. :-) I wonder if the weight of the gun and the cape are causing her to slouch.

SME said...

I don't think it's so much slouching as it is "too cool to care." ;D

Both soups look and sound awesome. Soup is like nature's perfect food, IMO.

And yes, I would totally watch The Slut's Bedroom!!

Gardenia said...

Oh, that is simply a model's posture! SME's right too!

Yes, the DVD's are fabulous idea!!! You are sooo creative.

The soups sound out of this world! I want some! Sometimes, I've taken to propping the computer on the counter and cooking from the recipe on the screen!

* (asterisk) said...

You should definitely upload the film to YouTube!