Thursday, April 16, 2009


Stagg warming up his guitar pedal. We did some fun fooling around with images and music for The Slut's Bedroom. Stagg and I seem to work together pretty well on collaborating. It's a really fun exprience to work with someone else in imagination. But it doesn't always work out. somehow Stagg and I manage to find a way to make some artwork together. I love we can do this. We had the best time making soundtrack and images. We made a floorcloth once here...For an art show with both of our work in the same space like an installation.

And here is the floorcloth we collaborated on.


mister anchovy said...

I like the test pattern. Do you remember the old round test patterns with the first nations chief depicted in the middle? I have a strange distant memory of seeing that test pattern on the old black and white television while sharing a can of mackerel with my father.

Candy Minx said...

Yes, I had some of those too...which I was thinking of using as well. Your memory of sharing a tin of mackerls and seeing the test pattern with your dad is amaing. What an image!