Sunday, December 10, 2006

Red Hot Acoustic

We took part in a group show and we landed up having this entire room for our stuff. We had no idea what the setting was like, how much space we would land up using. We were told two we brought our floorcloth. And options. Turn on tune in drop out.

This group show was at the Uptown Recording Studio. Our hosts were really fun and supportive, served lots of wine and beer and delicious snacks. They have a beautiful space and it was a real treat to show our work in their environment.

We bought a painting! I'll post it here later this week.


Amy Ruttan said...

That's an awesome show. What medium do you use in your work? Is it strictly mixed media? Wish I could have seen your show.

mister anchovy said...

wow, it looks great!!!!!!

* (asterisk) said...

Cool, Candy. And you bought something, too. Excellent. Can't wait to see what it was. Did you sell Asterisk's Brew?

Red said...

They're standing on your painting! Get them to remove their shoes, quick! Well... I guess it's a floorcloth, so it's all good. ;D

Love those crimson walls, and I think they really bring another dimension to your work!

Candy Minx said...

Amy, Stagg's paintings are on the canvas frames. He used oil in each of these. He and I both painted the floorcloth with acrylic paint (and collage materials like magazines and flyers). I used magazines, grocery bags, newspapers, all recycled to make my paintings and with acrylic paints. They are the larger work.

Mister Anchovy, thanks, aren't the roadie furniture super cool?

*, Nope didn't sell Asterisk's Brew...YET. I'll post the painting we bought, later on.

Red, it's a super tough floorcloth. Stagg spent the evening assuring people they could walk on it. I however couldn't walk on it, as I had stilletto boots on and the floorcloth was ona carpet. But on a firm surface a floorcloth like this one will last 300 years. Yes, it was a wild colour on the walls wasn't it? Everyone else was avoiding that room, we snapped it up!

me said...

you do know some pretty people!